/ Accessibility Information

Ensuring everyone has access to the services we provide is important for Greater Manchester Police. To make us more accessible we continue to review how people access services and any ways we can improve them. For example, we are improving our enquiry counter services at police stations and are developing how we handle calls.

We have the facilities of ‘Language Line’ that provide a telephone interpreting service in over 170 languages. If you provide us with your telephone number and language we can arrange for you to be called back and conduct a conversation through the use of a translator. The telephone translation service can also be provided through your police station enquiry counter.

GMP also has a number of channels of communication available for those who are Deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired. There is a Typetalk service, provided by the RNID, which allows someone with a textphone to communicate with someone using a standard telephone. The service can be accessed by dialling 18000 from a textphone. There is also a Mincom, which is our own textphone to enable people to communicate with us directly using their textphone. Our minicom can be contacted using 0161 872 6633. A fax is dedicated to those with hearing difficulties or speech impairment users can fill in a form available from the GMP website and fax it on 0161 856 6644.

GMP is also committed to providing information in desired languages.

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