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JingleWhat makes a police horse? You can find out in our regular catch up with Jingle the latest recruit to the GMP mounted unit. His trainer Paul Hodgkinson gives us an update.

Thursday 17 February 2016

Police horse Jingle is really getting to grips with football matches and made his first appearance at Manchester City last week.

I have been taking him all over Greater Manchester together with his lead police officer PC Wendy Townley and he is really coming into his own.

He really loves going to the football matches particularly when he gets to meet people who have a mint or two for him. Jingle will be going to the Manchester united match on Sunday 28 February which should be my last ride on him before I pass him over to PC Townley for the future.

He is almost coming to the point he will be a fully-fledged police horse. It has been a joy to work with him over the past year or so and he is definitely one of my favourites I have had in training.

I will be sad to hand him over but will be proud to see them out on the streets on Greater Manchester doing their jobs.

Tuesday 2 June 2015

Jingle is working well to build his fitness after an injury and is building his strength back up. He has been out patrolling around South Manchester for the past six weeks and meeting people.

Hopefully he will soon be fit enough to be back doing local patrols around Greater Manchester.

Once we are back on local patrols I can get him focused on going to events and doing more public order training to deal with crowds, protests and football matches.

Friday 5 December 2014

Jingle has had a little bit of time off but thankfully is back in work now and is gaining in strength by the day.

He is back out patrolling the streets of Greater Manchester and getting to know the whole area.

He is loving meeting people when he is out and about. He went to visit a school in Pendleton last week and was a big hit with the children. Everybody loved him and he loved the attention which is good news given the situations he is likely to face.

Jingle has been out working in hilly areas to help build his muscles and improve his strength so we have been out in Oldham, Ashton and Stockport and will soon be visiting Bury and Bolton.

Monday 28 July 2014

JingleJingle has been having a quieter time in the past few weeks. This is to allow his body and muscle to grow in line with the fitness and education required for a police horse. So he has enjoyed a lighter workload. It is really important with young horses that they are able to grow mentally and physically so their workload can be very tiring.

He is working well and making good progress. We are really pleased with how he is working with ‘effects’ including flags, different surfaces as well as noise effects.

He will still be going out patrolling in the coming weeks so people may see him and he will be attending some smaller events. But it is important as part of his training plan that he gets some rest too.

Monday 7 July 2014

“Recently Jingle, who was the star of the Crimewatch Roadshow on 10 June, met two real stars. He was given his first taste of a crowd situation at the X Factor auditions at Old Trafford Cricket Ground. Jingle loved all the attention and he even got to meet Simon Cowell and Mel B.

“There were large X Factor flags blowing around and a lot of people wanted to come over to see Jingle and his accompanying experienced police horse Maxwell. It was not bad at all for his first outing. He behaved exceptionally well and was happy to stand next to the crowd without any concerns. After that we headed off to Manchester United’s ground for a walk around and get him used to the surroundings there.

“Jingle had has first school visit on Tuesday 1 July when he went to St Peter’s Catholic Primary School, in Wythenshawe. He met lots of children from nursery age up to about six years old.

“He thoroughly enjoyed all the attention he got from the children who came over to stroke him, not to mention the attention from the teachers. He coped very well with the large numbers of people coming out into the playground. They were making lots of noise which was great experience for him and it showed he is growing in confidence all the time.”

Keep checking for further updates on Jingle’s progress as he continues on his journey to earn his stripes as a fully-fledged police horse.

Monday 1 September 2014

Jingle has been kept busy and is progressing well in work both in the riding arena, known as a school, and out on the streets on patrol.

He will soon be going out to check out both Manchester United and Manchester City stadiums but when there are no games on. This will give him a chance to see how the grounds and get used to each of the venues before we start to take him there on match days when there are lots of people and crowds.

We are planning some more school visits so that he gets a chance to meet children in the local community so hopefully there will be some photographs to come. 


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