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Greater Manchester Police training works to deliver first class training services on both a national and international level, with over 251 established training courses at one of four dedicated training centres. GMP has provided training for over 40 police forces, local authorities and international police forces.

Sedgley Park centre

The Sedgley Park centre is located in North Manchester. It has 2 conference suites, over 20 training rooms, meeting rooms and interview training facilities. There is a Hydra Immersive Learning Suite and a skills house, as well as accommodation containing over 90 en-suite rooms.

Clayton Brook complex

Public Order training takes place in purpose built facilities including a main arena with buildings and streets, tiered seating, stairways and a skills house.

Firearms training facilities are also here, including a 50 metre eight lane indoor range, 180 degree live fire range, judgemental system and a skills house. Both ranges are equipped with computer controlled lighting and sound.

Hough End Complex

Dog and Mounted training based in South Manchester and has several training rooms, kennelling/stabling facilities and playing fields. Training exercises are also often held at offsite live venues.

Openshaw complex

Driver training is based in East Manchester and has several training rooms, vehicle workshop and storage.

If you require any further information, or are interested in the training facilities available at GMP, please contact the Training Administration hub: sedgley.training@gmp.police.uk, 0161 856 0900

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