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Greater Manchester Police, and all police forces in England and Wales, conduct surveys with people who have recently come into contact with the police. These are conducted by an independent social research agency, Social and Market Strategic Research Ltd (SMSR), based in Hull.

SMSR has over twenty years dedicated research experience, conducting both public interest and social policy research on behalf of the public sector agencies and organisations, including GMP.

SMSR currently undertakes three surveys for GMP, which are:

  • Victim Satisfaction Survey
  • Hate Crime Survey
  • Anti-Social Behaviour Survey


You can read more about how GMP and SMSR use and protect your data below.


Data Protection and GDPR

Data Protection law is changing and we want to keep you up to date.

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect from 25th May 2018. The new legislation will unify data protection practices across the EU, will reflect a digital age, strengthen data subject’s rights and improve transparency and accountability.

GMP respects the information we hold on you and we take the security of your information very seriously. Your personal data is data which by itself or with other data can be used to identify you.



The Chief Constable is the data controller of all personal data held and processed by GMP. As data controller he has instructed SMSR Ltd, as data processor under contract, to provide a specific service and to process necessary data on his behalf for the specific purposes outlined below.

The purpose of the contract with SMSR Ltd is to allow GMP to measure levels of satisfaction in the services it provides to the public. This is necessary to allow GMP to ensure that it provides an efficient and effective police force for its area, a legal requirement under Section 6(1) of the Police Act 1996 which states that “Every police authority established under section 3 shall secure the maintenance of an efficient and effective police force for its area”. The Social Responsibility Order 2011 also requires the Chief Constable to maintain an efficient and effective Police Force.

A data processing contract also ensures that the data processor (SMSR Ltd) puts in place all necessary security measures and safeguards to protect your data.

SMSR Ltd will always ensure that anyone contacted on behalf of GMP is happy to proceed with the survey. Your consent will be requested at the start of any telephone call and anyone who is unhappy with proceeding is free to withdraw. SMSR will also seek consent at the end of the survey to further contact by GMP to conduct any necessary service recovery.


Who is SMSR Ltd?

Established in 1991, SMSR Ltd (Social and Market Strategic Research) is a dynamic and innovative social research agency with over twenty years dedicated research experience based in Hull. Conducting both public interest and social policy research on behalf of the public sector, SMSR Ltd has dedicated operating divisions that handle research projects for police, local government, central government, fire and rescue, education, health providers and not-for-profit organisations.

SMSR Ltd has a strong history within the police sector and were one of just six companies to make up the original Home Office/Thames Valley led Police Framework which was formed to enable Police Forces in England Wales to commission their User Satisfaction Surveys.

SMSR Ltd currently undertakes three surveys for GMP, which are:

  • User Satisfaction for victims of burglary, violent and vehicle crime
  • Hate Crime
  • Anti-Social Behaviour

SMSR Ltd website can be found here https://smsr.co.uk/

What does GMP send to SMSR?

SMSR Ltd are provided with are names, telephone contact numbers, the date of the crime and the crime type i.e. burglary. They are not provided with anything else because their purpose is to ask you questions relating to the service you experienced by GMP.

The survey results are then returned to the GMP External Relations and Performance Branch who analyse them and produce anonymous data. Anonymous data is data from which all identifying content has been removed.

What is a service recovery?

If you are contacted by SMSR Ltd and you consider that the service you have received by GMP has been unsatisfactory, you can request that GMP conduct a service recovery with you. This means that SMSR Ltd will forward details of the areas where you were unsatisfied along with your name and telephone number to the Satisfaction Lead (an officer) on the district where the crime was committed. They will then telephone you and go through your experience with reference to those key areas, with a view to providing a through explanation and resolution.

Similarly, should you be dissatisfied with the way you feel that your personal data has been used and would like to speak to someone in GMP about this you can contact the Data Protection Team on 0161 856 1150.

Please note the above telephone number is staffed during office hours Mon-Fri 08:30 – 16:00.


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