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Employee Support Networks

Greater Manchester Police provides a number of support networks for all of its employees. This page provides a brief guide to the available organisations.

First Contact Advisors

Trained advisors on every division can provide information and support. If you have an equality related problem, a First Contact Advisor can help you work through the range of possible options.

Black and Asian Police Association

BAPA exists to provide a support network for minority ethnic staff employed by GMP. In addition to working towards improving recruitment, retention and progression of minority ethnic staff it also provides a social and professional network of other minority ethnic staff from whom advice and assistance can be sought.

GMP Pride

GMP Pride was established in 1999 as a staff support network, offering support and advice for all members of staff and in particularly our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender staff. The network, which is managed by LGB&T Police Officers and Police Staff continues to offer this support today and in many ways via our aims.

We believe that when staff can be themselves at work, they are happier and work better. Their performance will improve whilst working in a LGB&T friendly space. By working towards and achieving our aims we create a workplace for all our staff to feel comfortable and be happy.


The Childcare Coordinator is available to provide information and advice to working parents on childcare support and the Force's work life balance oriented initiatives and policies.


Unison is a trade union committed to fair representation and equal opportunities for all staff. The GMP branch has self-organised groups which can give help and support to members on all equal opportunities issues. A network of regional and national forums support these groups. Unison also has a network of trained stewards to whom you can refer any problem in the strictest confidence.

GMP Federation

GMP Police Federation is a branch of the Police Federation of England and Wales, Who are the representative body to which every Police officer below the rank of Superintendent belongs. It was established by the Police Act 1919 to provide the Police with a means of bringing their views on welfare and efficiency to the notice of the government and the Police authorities.

All the elected officials of the Police Federation must be serving Police officers. Police are not permitted to belong to trades unions and must not take part in politics. (The federation does, however, liaise with public sector trade unions and has excellent relationships with the TUC and all political parties) . Under the provisions of the Police Act, the police are forbidden to strike, and must at all times obey the lawful orders of senior officers. Police pay, allowances, pensions and conditions of service are negotiated nationally in the Police Negotiating Board, which covers the United Kingdom Police service.

Occupational Health & Welfare

If GMP staff feel they are unable to cope with the pressures of life and work they can access support:

The Occupational Health Unit's team of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists can give advice on all health issues. Regular clinics are held on policing divisions.

Welfare provides support for officers, support staff and their families. They can give help and advice on all kinds of personal issues such as relationship difficulties, bereavement, financial problems, stress and anxiety. They have expertise in dealing with trauma and can assist with the recovery from distressing incidents.

Counselling is available internally and can also be accessed through the Federation Group Insurance scheme. Each division has a chaplain who can provide guidance. Chaplains offer an ecumenical service and are not looking for converts.

Jewish Police Association

The Greater Manchester Jewish Police Association (GMJPA) was established in 2003 to offer support and advice to Jewish personnel within Greater Manchester Police.

JPA provide a network for support and advice to Jewish personnel within Greater Manchester Police. To promote understanding of the Jewish faith within Greater Manchester Police. To act as a resource reference for Greater Manchester Police, regarding religious and cultural issues, and in particular those that affect front-line policing.

Muslim Police Association

To assist GMP deliver a better service to all communities by improving knowledge of Islam within the organisation and making it a place in which Muslim officers and staff can achieve their potential.

Christian Police Association

The Christian Police Association exists to be a Christian voice within the Police Service and to provide an opportunity for Police Officers to enjoy Christian fellowship within their workplace. The CPA was founded over 100 years ago and has branches in most Forces in the country. The members of the GMP branch of CPA are drawn from every corner of the Force, both Police and Support Staff, and the whole spectrum of ranks and positions is represented.

We believe there is a vital ongoing role for Christianity within the Police Service. Our faith provides us with direction, purpose and confidence to face the difficulties we confront each day. We promote links between the Police and Christian churches and community organisations in our region.

Disability Focus Group

The Disability Focus Group was established in 1997 to enable disabled members of staff to identify issues, which affect disabled people across the Force as employees, and also in the community in general, as users of the services GMP provides. Through its representatives, these issues are then raised at command level through the Equality Issues Group, which is chaired by the Assistant Chief Constable, HR and Development.

The group is currently comprised of representatives from the Equal Opportunities Unit, police staff and more recently police officers, who are disabled or have an interest in disability issues in employment.

Disability Support Network

On Friday 12th May 2006 we launched a Disability Support Network for all employees of GMP, the aims and objectives of this network is to provide support and advice to disabled staff within GMP, also to promote understanding of disability issues within the force.

The network will also act as a resource reference for GMP regarding disability issues. Full membership is open to all staff of GMP with a disability and associate membership is open to all staff of GMP who are carers for a disabled person and or who work with a disabled staff member.

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