/ Body Worn Video

GMP officers started wearing video cameras on their uniforms in July 2016.

The devices enhance evidence gathering and help the Force to meet the demands it is facing both now and in the future.

Around 3,000 frontline officers across the Force were issued with them in 2016.

The cameras have a light that flashes whenever they are active and officers will have to turn the camera on at appropriate times and for certain incidents, such as those that are domestic abuse related and during stop and search.

Cameras will be given to officers in the neighbourhood teams, the Hostage and Crisis Negotiation Unit, Roads Policing and Intercept Unit, Tactical Aid Unit, Tactical Dog Unit and some at the airport.

Officers will pick up their camera at the start of every shift, with any footage automatically downloaded on their return at the end of the day. Footage will be stored for 31 days unless required for evidence, in which case it can be saved for as long as required.

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