/ Meet Our New Officers

Meet Our New Officers

These our some of our newest officers to be attested into their role.


Tina Singh

New GMP recruit Tina Singh was inspired to take on the role of a police officer following the murder of her father.

The 22-year old from Manchester lost her father at the age of eight and it was witnessing the dedication of the officers investigating his case that led her to decide she also wanted to see justice being served for others.

Tina, who will be based in the City of Manchester Division and already has a law degree said: “My father was murdered in 2004 and since then I’ve seen police apprehend four people involved in the incident and two people have been convicted for the crime. I was able to see the tireless efforts of officers on the case, ensuring that those responsible for his murder were punished.

“My dad always wanted me to go to university and forge a career for myself, so I know he will be watching over me with pride.

“My only hope now is that I am able to do for others what those officers did for me and my family and to help people get justice.”

A mum of one was inspired to become a police officer after a family tragedy brought her face to face with emergency services.



Laura Britten

Laura Britten, 27 from Manchester lost her mum and step dad in a motorbike accident last year. At the time she was three weeks away from having her first child and said that the overall police response inspired her into supporting people in similar circumstances.

She said: “My experience has made me want to help others find peace after a bad experience.

“All too often the police have a bad reputation and I wanted to become a part it to show others what great work officers do.”

Laura, who will be serving the City of Manchester Division, became a mum in June last year and has said that it is thanks to her family’s support that she is able to pursue her dream to work on the front line for the Force.

She said: “I have a great family who help me and really ensure I am able to fulfil my dream in becoming a police officer.”


Kate Donald

Student officer Kate Donald was inspired to become a police officer after years spent listening to stories from her step-mum who was a police dog handler.

Originally from Tameside, Kate has been working in various roles as police staff for GMP since she was 18 years old.

She said: “My step-mum Karen was one of the first female dog handlers, she absolutely loved her job and always spoke about how good it was and the experiences she encountered.

It all just sounded really interesting and I can’t wait to be a part of it. Her work ethic really rubbed off on me.

“It’s taken me a while to apply but I’m so glad that I have. My family are really happy with my decision to do this and I’m just looking forward to the challenges I'll be facing.”

Kate has been posted to the City of Manchester Division.

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