Police and Crime Commissioner

Tony LloydOn the 15th November 2012, Greater Manchester’s voters elected Tony Lloyd as their first Police and Crime Commissioner. The Police and Crime Commissioner replaces Greater Manchester Police Authority.

He is responsible for:

  • finding out what you think about policing and crime
  • making sure your voice is heard and listened to
  • setting priorities for Greater Manchester Police
  • preparing the Police and Crime Plan that contains the policing and crime priorities
  • publishing a yearly report that tells you whether policing and crime priorities and targets have been met
  • appointing and dismissing (if necessary) the chief constable of Greater Manchester Police
  • deciding the policing budget and the amount of money used from your council tax to pay for police services
  • commissioning community safety services and projects
  • making arrangements with criminal justice bodies to provide an effective and efficient criminal justice system in the area

You can contact the commissioner by emailing info@gmpcc.org.uk  or by telephoning the office on 0161 604 7711.

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