/ Message on behalf of the families of PCs Bone & Hughes

Since the tragic death of Nicola and Fiona, both the Hughes and Bone family have been touched by the huge amount of money raised for charity in memory/honour of them both – with more than £37,000 having been raised for charity*.

Both families are extremely grateful for the overwhelming support they have received from the public and for the efforts that have been and continue to be made to raise money for good causes, but the repeated use of Nicola and Fiona’s names and pictures for publicity and promotion of events is proving upsetting for them.

The families are keen to continue to support fund-raising efforts and would like it to be known that while they have requested that the names and/or images of Fiona and Nicola are not used without their agreement, they are happy to consider approaches made to them through GMP.

In a statement from both families, they said: “We have been and continue to be overwhelmed by the immense public support we have received since the deaths of Fiona and Nicola.

“Furthermore, each and every one of us has been touched at the efforts of so many to raise money for good causes.

“While we will continue to support charity events and are even undertaking some ourselves to raise funds towards certain causes, we would now ask that Nicola and Fiona’s names and pictures are not used in any future events that are not endorsed by us . Once again, thank you to everyone for your support and cooperation.”

Should anyone wish to raise money in memory of Nicola or Fiona the family has asked that contact first be made with the GMP press office - press.office@gmp.police.uk

* The money raised in memory of Nicola and Fiona is currently in a nominated force account while the families to decide how best to distribute the funds and to which charities.

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