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GMP provides policing for 2.7m  residents across 500 square miles. In addition there are over 100,000 students, a thriving night-time economy and 5m people within 1 hour commuting distance.

GMP has 55 Neighbourhood Policing Teams supported by specialist resources.

GMP receives 1.1m calls a year including 176,000 crimes.  The breadth and complexity of policing is reflected in the 136,000  anti-social behaviour incidents reported each year, 67,500 domestic abuse incidents , 17,000 calls concerning people with mental health issues  and over 20,000 missing persons.

Crime has fallen for over 10 years , but it has been increasing recently. Victim-based crime has increased by 6% in the last 12 months.

A significant part of GMP’s policing services is concerned with protecting people from serious harm, including sex offences, child sexual exploitation and organised crime. 

GMP has conducted over 300 child protection investigations into on-line sexual abuse in the last year  and is monitoring over 2,500 registered sex offenders . Sexual offences have increased by 28% compared to last

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