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  • Businesses may be at risk from crime if they fail to implement adequate security measures and security procedures.
  • The majority of criminals in the retail sector are opportunist and do not plan. This type of criminal is impulse, driven for a quick reward. They like to feel like that they are in control when committing crime and they will look for an easy opportunity, with privacy and minimal security.
  • However, the greater but less often threat to the Business community is the organised criminal and organised criminal gangs. They will plan and target specific and vulnerable premises often with violence to gain larger rewards.
  • Businesses do not have to turn their premises into a fortress, but by implementing a few simple measures will make it more difficult for potential offenders by reducing the opportunities for crime.

What are the most effective solutions?

  • This is a layered approach and not one solution; this is closely linked with operating procedures and management processes thereafter.  If both are considered at the same time it will make the security plan more effective. Staff awareness and training is also a key part of this process.

Physical Security

When considering physical security, the three levels businesses need to protect are the:-

  • Outer perimeter – property boundary’s with gating and; or fencing
  • Building shell- property building lines with building access control, doors, technical surveillance
  • Interior – premises layouts, technical surveillance

There is no set physical security ‘formula ‘that will encompass all types of business crime. Levels of physical security required are dependent on factors such as the environment, location of premises, and previous crime history. Using a balanced and commonsense approach will help make sure that all areas of the business are taken into consideration, so that improvements to security are more likely to be effective.

Security Procedures

  • Internal security procedures are paramount to the effective working of a business. It is recommended that retailers and businesses establish a company policy so employees are clear on which procedures to follow. Policy and procedures complement and underpin any physical security measures which may be in place.


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