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Four men jailed after theft of cars in Wigan

Four men from Wigan have been jailed after stealing cars worth nearly £180,000.

The four men have been sentenced to a collective 18 years in prison for burglary offences at Bolton Crown Court on Friday 23 March 2018.

Between August and December 2016, the men stole a number of cars from properties across Leigh and Wigan.

The men stole everything from a Citroen C1 to a Mercedes SLK in a prolific string of burglaries across the borough.

The total value of the cars they stole is just under £180,000.

Each of the men below have been sentenced to 4 years and 8 months in prison for conspiracy to commit burglary.

• Kieron Harrop (22/08/98) of HMP Forest Bank.

• Lewis Crook (16/04/1999) of Fredrick Street, Hindley.

• Leon Slater (09/08/1997) of Medlock Way, Platt Bridge.

• Ashley Heaton (27/06/1990) of Alder Avenue, Worsley Hall.

Detective Constable Sophie O’Rourke from Wigan’s borough, said: “These men thought they could continue taking people’s cars from their drives, with no consequences.

“Today’s result shows that is simply not the case, and they will now spend the next 4 years behind bars, instead of behind the wheels of cars they’d stolen.

“We take burglary very seriously and I hope that every person who’s car they took feels some relief that they have been brought to justice.”

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