Greater Manchester Police Officer honoured at Cambridge

A Greater Manchester Police Sergeant has been named as a Visiting Scholar at the of Criminology at Cambridge University.

Roger Pegram has served as a GMP officer for 17 years and in that time has gained a number of academic qualifications, from The University of Salford, Manchester Metropolitan University and The University of Cambridge.

He has completed his studies alongside his Sergeant duties, and is currently Acting Inspector in the City Centre division.


Having left school with only four GCSE’s, Roger has found his passion in evidence based policing, and hopes that his findings can have a positive influence on how police forces are run.

Roger said “Evidence based policing is about using science to better understand what policing methods work.

“It is about community safety and enabling police officers to make informed decisions for themselves, as part of their daily duties.”

“While I am proud of my academic achievements, my priority lies with being able to make a positive difference on how we serve the public, and ensure communities are kept as safe as possible.

“The theories I work with can be applied to all areas of policing from domestic abuse situations to burglaries.

“I have received great support from GMP as a whole, and have recently coached a number of ‘champion officers’ who are now able to pass on our findings throughout the organisation, to positively influence the way we work day-to-day.

“Receiving my rights as a Visiting Scholar was a very proud day for me as I come from a very humble background and hadn’t imagined I would ever be in such an influential position.”

Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said: “Roger works tirelessly to provide us with knowledge to better serve our communities, both here in Manchester, nationally and internationally.

“His enthusiasm, expertise and passion in ensuring that we as police are working as effectively as possible, is invaluable.

“He is a dedicated officer and I am proud to have him serving in my Force.”

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