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Nine jailed after dawn raids uncovered a drug operation

Nine people have been jailed after dawn raids uncovered a £1million drug operation.

After three days of sentencing, today, Monday 23 April 2018, the following people were sentenced to a total of 68 years at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing.

· Craig Reid (06/03/1982) of Woodland Road, Burnage

· Benjamin McGreevy (26/04/1983) of Plymouth Grove, Cheadle Heath

· Nathan Waul (06/10/1982) of Station Road, Reddish

· John Cheetham (15/01/1980) of Cabot Place, Reddish

· Robert Goodall (09/10/1982) of Gorton Road, Reddish

· Greg Marshall (12/03/1982) of Greg Street, Reddish

· Paul Higgins (27/04/1969) and Gillian Griffin (07/04/1971) both of Houldsworth Street, Stockport

· Terry Corless (27/06/1966) of Bridgend Close, Gorton

In January 2017, officers executed a number of warrants in Stockport and the surrounding areas as part of work by GMP’s Stockport Challenger team who crack down on organised crime in communities and act on intelligence received from the public.

Between August 2015 and January 2017, a multi-faceted drugs operation, which centred on four dedicated telephone lines for drug supply, saw Reid and McGreevy receive weekly deliveries of heroin and crack cocaine, which they stored in safe houses.

Once the delivery had been made, it was split into individual wraps and distributed by Waul to Marshall, Cheetham and Goodall who would use one of three dedicated ‘drug lines’ to sell the drugs on the streets.

Waul would then meet with the street dealers at the end of their ‘shift’ and return the proceeds to Reid and McGreevy.

In just one year of this comprehensive operation, it’s estimated the group had made £1million.

The group would regularly dispose of their phones to evade detection, but following the loss of one of the most lucrative ‘drug lines’, Corelss was caught on CCTV attempting to reactivate the line.

However, when a kilo of heroin could not be accounted for, McGreevy attacked a man with a metal bar in the middle of the A6.

Thanks to information from the public and close working partnerships with other agencies, the officers from Challenger were able to pinpoint several addresses as being involved in the conspiracy and in the early hours of a January morning, they forcefully gained entry and arrested those involved.

Officers recovered the following evidence during the raids:

• £21,122 in cash

• 67 wraps of heroin

• 36 wraps of crack cocaine

Detective Constable Lee McCarthy of GMP’s Stockport Challenger Team, said: “This was a seemingly well-oiled operation that resulted in thousands of pounds worth of drugs flooding the streets but today has made it clear drugs have no place on our streets and we are committed to making that a reality.

“Every person had a part to play in securing and supplying these drugs, showing a complete disregard for the lives of the people they were putting in danger.

“My only hope is that this will act as a call to action for those who know about drugs and organised crime in their community – if you know something, tell us so we can stop it.”

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