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Off-Road Bikes Crushed following Police Crackdown

Dozens of off-road bikes seized by Greater Manchester Police have been destroyed as part of a crackdown on those who ride them illegally across the city region.

Working in collaboration with the Force’s Safer Road Targeting Team (SRTT) 100 off-road bikes were seized by GMP in 2017 as efforts continue to tackle dangerous and antisocial use of off-road vehicles, with the latest operation seeing the specialist team deployed to areas across Wigan and Leigh.

Superintendent Gareth Parkin from GMP’s Wigan Division said: “Off–road bikes are a genuine concern for local residents, but we’ve listened, we’ve responded and we’ve taken action.

“These vehicles are being used illegally and the fact is that riders may not realise this and need to ensure they are aware of where they can ride safely and without posing a threat to members of the public.

“We’re sending out a clear message to offenders, we will use all our powers to take action which could see their bikes seized and ultimately end up being crushed.”

Will Blandamer, assistant director for partnership, safeguarding and reform at Wigan Council - one of GMP’s partners during the latest operation, said: “We’re very aware of the detrimental impact this issue can have on local residents and are pleased to be supporting the work of GMP to tackle illegal off-road bikes.”

The bikes were disposed of by Recycling Lives – a unique recycling business which depollutes and recycles vehicles whilst supporting charitable programmes, contributing to job creation and offender rehabilitation.

Danny Jackson, Recycling Lives Operations Director said: “Where these bikes have been seized for anti-social use, by recycling them with Recycling Lives, GMP is contributing to creating social good. The bikes have now been fully recycled for reuse. We are glad to be able to help the police to make streets safer for the public while minimising negative environmental impact.”

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