Oakes brothers jailed after young dad dies

Two brothers have been jailed after a young dad died attempting to break up a fight.  

Today, Friday 19 May 2017, Anton Oakes (11/07/1994) of Lee Avenue, Broadheath has been jailed at Manchester Crown Court, Crown Square for five years after pleading guilty to the manslaughter of 32-year-old Chris Thompson from Stockport, at an earlier hearing.  

His brother, Aiden Oakes (24/12/1990) of Peveril Road, Altrincham, has also been jailed for three years and four months after pleading guilty to the assault of a 42-year-old man, at an earlier hearing.  

In the early hours of the morning on Thursday 22 December 2016, Chris was found lying on the ground with serious head injuries on The Causeway in Altrincham Town Centre.  

Witnesses saw Anton and Aiden Oakes leave Totties bar with bottles in their hands claiming someone had started a fight.  

Aiden was also carrying a wooden chair and holding the back of his head. He smashed it on the floor, leaving only a chair leg in his hand before the brothers continued their tirade of rage.  

Chris was seen approaching them to try and calm them down but was soon after punched to the ground by Anton.  

A 42-year-old man came to Chris’ rescue but was clobbered with the makeshift weapon by Aiden.  

The brothers then ran towards Stamford New Road and left the area in a taxi.  

Emergency services attended and the 42-year-old man went to hospital with a broken arm.  

Chris was also taken to hospital but sadly died a short time later.  

Paying tribute to him, Chris’ wife, Emily Thompson, said: “Chris was not only my husband, he was my soulmate, best friend and father of our 19-month-old son, Oliver.  

“Chris was one in a million, he had a heart of gold and his family was his life.  

“I now have to live my life without him and our son is growing up without a daddy.  

“Chris’ life was taken in a random act of violence that was totally unprovoked. The circumstances of his death shocked a lot of people, he was not an aggressive person and did not have a mean bone in his body. It’s hard to comprehend that he was killed in this way.  

“I hope those responsible for killing Chris are aware of the consequences of their actions and the devastation it has brought to us all.  

“Nothing can bring Chris back to me but my only hope is that his death makes people more aware that just one punch can kill.” 

Detective Inspector Neil Coop of GMP’s Serious Crime Division, said: “Due to the cold, cruel actions of Anton Oakes that night, a little boy’s daddy has been tragically taken away from him, a void that can never be filled.  

“Although Chris is no longer with us, I know by speaking with his family, the example he has set for his son in the short time they had together, will continue to shape his life to grow into the young gentleman his father have been proud of.  

“My deepest condolences remain with Emily and the rest of their family as they continue with their lives without Chris.  

“Violence is certainly never acceptable in any circumstance and we will continue to make examples of those who display this abhorrent behaviour with complete disregard of the lives of others.”

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