GMP welcomes 12 new Special Constables

An attestation ceremony where Special Constables for Greater Manchester Police are sworn in took place on 27 March 2018. Among those attested were a television producer, a sports management student, business professionals and a social worker.

This week, 12 new recruits were officially welcomed by Greater Manchester Police.

GMP Special Constabulary Chief Officer Mike Walmsley said: “Special Constables are an invaluable and essential part of the Force.

“It is pleasing to see members of the public enthusiastic and willing to volunteer their own time, knowledge and experience each week to make our communities safer and stronger.

“The attestation ceremony is a great way to introduce the new recruits to GMP.”

The fresh faced recruits were sworn in as part of a formal ceremony to make them Special Constables.

Special Constables are volunteers who give up their spare time to help police Greater Manchester and interact with the local community. They have the same powers as regular police officers, but do not receive payment for the duties they perform.

They carry out a range of duties such as patrols in town centres or residential areas as part of neighbourhood policing, assisting with local police initiatives and taking part in community partnership projects.

At times when regular officers are under pressure or more staff are needed, Special Constables can also provide support to ensure that normal policing continues.

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