/ GMP welcomes 13 new special constables

Greater Manchester Police has welcomed another 13 new recruits as special constables.

The specials were sworn in on Friday 24th February at an Attestation Ceremony, held at Sedgley Park.

Proudly witnessed by friends and family, the new constables each made an oath to uphold their role with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality throughout their service.
All of the new recruits have previously completed a training programme and, once fully operational, will volunteer at least four hours of their free time each week. Their main responsibility will be to assist GMP officers in serving local communities and preventing crime.

All Special Constables share the same powers as regular officers, including the power of arrest.
Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan said: “Special officers are an essential resource for Greater Manchester Police. It is very pleasing to see members of the public enthusiastic and willing to assist The Force with our day to day activities, by joining us as Specials.

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Jim Battle said: “Special constables are invaluable, playing an integral role in keeping us safe. They are drawn from our diverse communities, representing Greater Manchester at its best.

“Volunteers are the backbone of policing, and Special Constables are a demonstration that Greater Manchester people are prepared to give their time, experience and knowledge to make our communities safer and stronger. On behalf of local people I thank them for their contribution and commitment, and wish them all the best in their career."

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