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Youth Online Understanding Radicalisation (YOUR) Survey

  • The YOUR survey aims to find out how young people can be kept safe from the serious issues of radicalisation and travel to areas of conflicts such as those happening in Syria and Iraq. We want to find out how people could willingly or unwillingly become involved in supporting or undertaking violent acts so we can be better at preventing that from happening. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and is anonymous.
  • The next phase of the awareness raising campaign is designed to reach out to families, to help prevent young people travelling to Syria. The campaign involves radio and press adverts appearing in minority ethnic media across the country and encourages mothers to have open discussions with their daughters about issues such as travelling to Syria and what they are viewing online.

Syria - the reality

  • Syria is an extremely dangerous place. Women and girls travelling to Syria are likely to witness extreme violence, could become victims of violence themselves, or in some cases, may be drawn into taking part and committing violent acts themselves.  Even if they do not find themselves in direct danger, the freedoms and opportunities often taken for granted in this country are not open to women in Syria. They may find themselves alone and isolated, living under an oppressive regime, often unable to leave their living quarters, let alone return home. Their families at home will be left devastated and with very little option to secure a safe return for their loved one.
  • Please have a look at the latest campaign leaflets at the bottom of this page for help and advice. They are in English, Punjabi, Farsi, Pashto, Somali, Arabic, Urdu and Turkish.

Preventing tragedies

  • The campaign is not about criminalising people it is about preventing tragedies. We want to inform those who wish to genuinely help the Syrian cause how they can do so safely and legally. The advice to people who want to help is to support well established UK charities. The campaign  will highlight that the police and partner agencies are working hard to safeguard those at risk of radicalisation in our communities and that support is available through the police and other agencies. 
  • The situation in Syria is very unstable and anyone travelling risks being stranded without the necessary support and is unlikely to reach their intended destination. The campaign is also a reminder  that anyone who does travel to Syria and becomes involved in fighting, could be prosecuted under UK law on their return.
  • Syria remains the key focus of  the campaign, but it  also provides the opportunity of facilitating discussion about wider Prevent issues and how we can all work together to safeguard those at risk of radicalisation.
  • The North West CTU network continues to work to deliver the Prevent programme with key partners and communities to support individuals who may be vulnerable to extremism and Preventing terrorism before it happens is key to our work. More information can be found in our Syria Travel Information and Advice Leaflet.
  • GMP  urge anyone who is worried about relatives or friends that they believe to be susceptible to, or involved in, this sort of activity to get in touch with their Neighbourhood Policing Team, the 101 number or the anti-terrorism hot line here on 0800 789 321.

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