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GMP has set a clear vision for stop and search: to achieve the highest level of trust and confidence in the police’s use of stop and search as a means for tackling crime and keeping our streets safe. As a consequence, the use of stop and search in Greater Manchester will become significantly more effective and targeted, leading to better outcomes. It will be conducted with dignity and respect, and be used primarily to protect our communities from violent and key crimes.

Let us know what you think, give your feedback and work with us to ensure that we continue to use the powers to the satisfaction of our communities to create safety on our streets.

A nationally agreed template action plan detailing the progress made by Greater Manchester Police in respect of HMIC Recommendations and the Best Use of Stop and Search Scheme has been produced and is attached to the right of this page.

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How we use stop and search

Asking individuals to account for their presence or behaviour is an important part of everyday policing. Stop and search is an additional and legitimate power that is used by GMP to protect our communities, tackle crime and keep our streets safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Use Scheme

In August, 2014, the Home Secretary launched the voluntary Best Use of Stop and Search Scheme. GMP has signed up to the scheme and is working towards its implementation.

Community engagement

An insight into how the Greater Manchester Police engages with communities to build trust and confidence.

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